LASSWELLT:h e first of our discussants is of the discipline that the rest of the social scientists examine with mixed feelings of respect and envy, namely, economics. Prof. Jan Tinbergen. TINBERGEIN p: ropose not only to give a very brief summary of my paper but to add a few remarks that are inspired by the discussions in these two and a half days. In my paper I trace how, during the last century and a half, both the aims and the means of social economic policies have changed. A number of social objectives have been added to the aims, especially care for the weak and income distribution generally, but other social objectives as well.

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New York Academy of Sciences. Annals
Erasmus School of Economics

Lasswel, H, Schachter, O, & Tinbergen, J. (1971). Economics, political science, and law. Introduction. In New York Academy of Sciences. Annals (Vol. 184, pp. 329–348). Blackwell Publishing Ltd. doi:10.1111/j.1749-6632.1971.tb41336.x