This chapter discusses recent advances in the field of marketing management support systems (MMSS). We start with a short history of marketing management support systems, with special attention to marketing models, the core topic of this Handbook. In Section 17.2 we describe developments which have improved the quality of MMSS and favor their use for marketing decision making in current marketing practice. Section 17.3 presents our growing know-ledge about the factors that affect the adoption and use of MMSS. In Section 17.4 we discuss developments in a new category of marketing management support systems, i.e. systems that support decision-making for weakly structured marketing problems.

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Wierenga, B., van Bruggen, G., & Althuizen, N. (2008). Advances in Marketing Management Support Systems. In ERIM (Electronic) Books and Chapters. doi:10.1007/978-0-387-78213-3_17