Subject of this dissertation is conformity of goods in sales contracts. The responsibilities of the seller concerning quality are examined. Part I consists of two chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the subject, discussing different perspectives on conformity, and applicability of the concept of conformity to different types of sales. Chapter 2 discusses inter alia the question whether the "warranty or quality" is based on the law or whether it is contractual in nature. An overview of Dutch legal literature is provided. In Part II criteria for conformity are examined under Dutch law (Chapter 3), and uniform law and English law (Chapter 4). Part III deals with conformity and warranties. The law under the old Dutch Civil Code (Chapter 6) and the new Dutch Civil Code (Chapter 7) is discussed. Chapter 8 provides the conclusions of the research. The book is written in Dutch, a summary in English is provided (p. 347-353)

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Erasmus University Rotterdam , Kluwer
Private Law

Klik, P. (2009, May 19). Conformiteit bij koop. Kluwer. Retrieved from