Musculoskeletal complaints (MSC), of which low back pain comprises the larger part, represent a considerable public health problem in Western industrialized societies. Th is thesis aims to contribute to the scientifi c knowledge on the prevention and management of MSC, and in particular of low back pain (LBP), in the workplace. Th e fi rst aim is to better understand the consequences of LBP in occupational populations in terms of health care utilization, sickness absence, and productivity losses at work. Th e second aim of this thesis is to determine the eff ectiveness of a back pain prevention program. Th is chapter will briefl y introduce and defi ne the main concepts used in this thesis. Subsequently, the objectives are stated and an outline is provided of the chapters included in this thesis.

J.P. Mackenbach (Johan)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Netherlands Organisation for Health, Research and Development (ZonMW)
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

IJzelenberg, W. (2006, October 25). Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Complaints. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from