Because the geological events are neither homogeneous nor isotropic, the geological investigations are characterized by particularly high uncertainties. This paper presents a hybrid methodology for measuring of uncertainty in regional grade variability. In order to evaluate the fuzziness in grade values at ore deposit, point cumulative semimadogram (PCSM) measure and a metric distance have been employed. By using the experimental PCSMs and their linear models, measures of fuzziness have been carried out for each location. Finally, an uncertainty map, which defines the regional variation of the uncertainty in different categories, has been composed.

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Keywords Fuzziness, Grade, Regional variability, Semimadogram, Uncertainty
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Journal Advances in Soft Computing
Tutmez, B, & Kaymak, U. (2007). Measure of uncertainty in regional grade variability. Advances in Soft Computing, 41, 511–518. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-72432-2_52