This paper performs new tests of the QALY model when health varies over time. Our tests do not involve confounding assumptions and are robust to violations of expected utility. The results support the use of QALYs at the aggregate level, i.e. in economic evaluations of health care. At the individual level, there is less support for QALYs. The individual data are, however, largely consistent with a more general QALY-type model that remains tractable for applications.

Attitude to Health, Consumer Satisfaction, Decision under risk, Delivery of Health Care, Econometric, Economic evaluation of health care, Health Services Research, Health Status, Humans, Models, Nonexpected utility, Probability, QALYs, Quality-Adjusted Life Years, Questionnaires, Risk Assessment, Student t test, article, decision making, economic evaluation, health, health care, health status, model test, probability, quality adjusted life year, rank sum test, statistical analysis, temporal variation,
Journal of Health Economics
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Bleichrodt, H, & Filko, M. (2008). New tests of QALYs when health varies over time. Journal of Health Economics, 27(5), 1237–1249. doi:10.1016/j.jhealeco.2008.05.009