This paper analyses the role of health on exits out of and entries into employment using data from the first twelve waves of the British Household Panel Survey (1991-2002). We use discrete-time duration models to estimate the effect of health on the hazard of becoming non-employed and on the hazard of becoming employed. The results show that general health, measured by a variable that captures health limitations and by a constructed latent health index, affects entries into and exits out of employment; the effects being higher for men than for women. The results are robust to different definitions of employment, and to the exclusion of older workers from the analysis.

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Labour Economics
Erasmus School of Economics

García-Gómez, P., Jones, A., & Rice, N. (2010). Health effects on labour market exits and entries. Labour Economics, 17(1), 62–76. doi:10.1016/j.labeco.2009.04.004