To understand the recent trend toward privatization of infrastructure assets (e.g., airports), this article proposes a valuation methodology based on real options and game theory analysis that enables assessing when investors might overpay for infrastructure assets over standard discounted cash flow methods and when a premium is justified for their operating flexibility or strategic growth option value. While some infrastructure asset acquisitions may involve financial transactions whose value derives primarily from their expected cash flows, many of these infrastructure investments provide a platform and create the strategic context within which the firm can grow.

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Keywords Schiphol Airport, business planning, capital investments, game theory, industrial management, investments, methodology
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Series ERIM Top-Core Articles
Journal California Management Review
Smit, J.T.J, & Trigeorgis, L. (2009). Valuing infrastructure investment: An option games approach. California Management Review, 51(2), 82–104. Retrieved from