Recent reforms regarding the European Courts raise the question in which way do 'new public management' principles influence the European judicial organisation and how is a balance struck between these principles and classic 'rule of law' principles? The article first presents a classification of these types of principles in the framework for discussion regarding the European judicial organisation. Starting out from two paradigms, an inquiry is made into the status of the two sets of principles in the present-day European 'constitutional' framework. Second, the interaction of principles is investigated with regard to a number of current dilemmas, including the demarcation of the judicial domain, the management of the Courts and the distribution of judicial competences.,
European Law Journal: review of European law in context
Private Law

Mak, E. (2008). The European judicial organisation in a new paradigm: The influence of principles of 'new public management' on the organisation of the European courts. European Law Journal: review of European law in context, 14(6), 718–734. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0386.2008.00437.x