According to some terrorist fighters and academicians the constituencies of Muslim extremists are vital to the persistence of the jihad. Interviews and public information were used to examine the accuracy of this claim. The analysis demonstrates that sympathizers are indispensable to some preparative terrorist activities, yet not to others. Extremists depend less on sympathizers for making foreign journeys, generating revenues, and communication than they do for recruiting and sponsoring. So, sympathizers may be important for the persistence of the jihad, yet their role is not self-evident. This implies that receding of sympathy for the jihad will not automatically reduce it.

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Keywords extremism, jihad, muslims, sympathy, terrorism
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Journal Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
Mascini, P. (2006). Can the Violent Jihad Do without Sympathizers?. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 29(4), 343–357. doi:10.1080/10576100600641832