Part of the advantages of using an open innovation (compared to closed innovation) in corporate venturing can be explained by applying the real options approach. Open innovation in risk-laden activities such as corporate venturing has the following advantages: i. benefits from early involvement in new technologies or business opportunities, ii. delayed financial commitment, iii. early exits reducing the downward losses, and iv. delayed exit in case it spins off a venture. We furthermore argue that these benefits do not automatically materialize. Innovation firms have to learn new skills and routines to develop the full 'real option'-potential of open innovation practices.

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Keywords Business opportunities, Corporate venturing, Early involvements, Industrial engineering, Managing uncertainty, New technologies, Open innovation, Real options, Real options approaches, Subsequent investments in innovations
ISBN 978-1-4244-2630-0
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Series ERIM (Electronic) Books and Chapters
Conference 2008 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, IEEM 2008
Vanhaverbeke, W, & van de Vrande, V.J.A. (2008). Understanding the advantages of open innovation practices in corporate venturing in terms of real options. In ERIM (Electronic) Books and Chapters. doi:10.1109/IEEM.2008.4738011