In the warehouse of Ankor, a wholesaler of tools and garden equipment, various problems concerning the storage and retrieval of products arise. For example, heavy products have to be retrieved prior to light products to prevent damage. Furthermore, the layout of the warehouse differs from the layout generally assumed in literature. The goal of this research was to determine storage locations for the products and a routing method to obtain sequences in which products are to be retrieved from their locations. It is shown that despite deviations from the "normal" case, similar savings in route length can be obtained by adapting existing solution techniques. Total labor savings are far less than expected on basis of assumptions made in literature. With a minimum of adaptations to the current situation the average route length can be decreased by 30 %. There is no need for complex techniques.

case study, optimization, routing, storage, warehousing
Retail and Wholesale Trade; Warehousing; e-Commerce (jel L81), Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting (jel M), Production Management (jel M11), Transportation Systems (jel R4)
Erasmus Research Institute of Management
ERIM Report Series Research in Management
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Dekker, R, de Koster, M.B.M, van Kalleveen, H, & Roodbergen, K.J. (2002). Quick Response Practices at the Warehouse of Ankor (No. ERS-2002-19-LIS). ERIM Report Series Research in Management. Erasmus Research Institute of Management. Retrieved from