Combining international business research with the knowledge-based view, this paper examines factors affecting the export orientation and export performance of high-technology Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in an emerging economy. Using a unique, hand-collected dataset of 711 SMEs from Zhongguancun Science Park in China, it argues that export orientation and performance depend not only on the development of capabilities through RD and technology transfer, but also on entrepreneurial characteristics, such as the founder's international background and global networks. It is also shown that both export orientation and performance are positively associated with the presence of a returnee entrepreneur.

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Journal of International Business Studies
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Filatotchev, I., Liu, X., Buck, T., & Wright, M. (2009). The export orientation and export performance of high-technology SMEs in emerging markets: The effects of knowledge transfer by returnee entrepreneurs. Journal of International Business Studies, 40(6), 1005–1021. doi:10.1057/jibs.2008.105