An important issue in medicine is that the efficacy, the safety and the costs of medical treatment modalities are appropriately in concordance. Patient safety should be the dermatologist’s number one priority, especially in the treatment of non-life threatening diseases such as acne, vitiligo and psoriasis. In dermatology, intra-patient studies (right-left studies) provide an ideal means to evaluate the efficacy of topical treatment modalities. Double-blind, crossover studies have proven their benefit in systemic treatment. In addition to the observations by physicians, the patient’s quality of life studies became indispensable to determine the overall efficacy of the treatment. Assessing the costs of medical treatment is more complex. The costs of treatments are not only determined by the price of drugs, medical apparatus and duration of treatments, but also by the reduction of patient’s working hours, travel costs, and, last but not least, the costs of treating side effects of medication. Physicians and patients are both increasingly aware of the risks of medical interventions.

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H.A.M. Neumann (Martino)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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