SEXOLOGY IS A MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCE. When looking for a suitable definition for ejaculation, different disciplines focus on different aspects of ejaculation. Van de Velde, a Dutch gynaecologist early this century and writer of the first Dutch book on sexology for lay people, Ret Valkomelt RUlvelijk (1923, The ideal marriage), called it "het doel, de culmina tie en het eigenlijke slot van de geslachtsgemeenschap" (the goal, the culmination, and the actual conclusion of the sexual intercourse). The sexologists Masters and Johnson (1966) stated: "it can be identified by a chain of specific physiologic reactions and by correlated patterns of subjective progression." The urologist Kedia (1983) called it "an expulsion of selninal fluid to the exterior of the organism by the rhythnlic contractions of the perineal muscles. It constitutes an essential link in the behavior chain leading to reproduction and perpetuation of the species." De Beauvoir (1949), novelist and feminist wrote: "in ejaculation the nlale rids himself of certain discomforting secretions; he obtains a complete relief, following sex excitement, which is unfailingly accompanied with pleasure." The cLinical psychologist Zilbergeld (1992) called it "a total body response, not just something that happens in the crotch," Finally, in a textbook of physiology, ejaculation is explained as "sympathetic impulses that leave the cord at L-l and L-2 and pass to the genital organs through the hypogastric plexus to initiate emission" (Guyton, 1986),

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