The aim of any medical intervention is to improve or sustain health. Therefore, the assessment of health outcome is an important aspect in the scientific evaluation of medical effectiveness. Nowadays this is an important activity. Three major aspects of health outcome can be distinguished. The most prominent is survival, which defines the prevention of premature death as a major goal of care. Disease-specific clinical characteristics of the serio liS ness of the pathology are a second aspect of health outcome. More recently, a third aspect has been developed to express an entity that was previously more or less implicit: health status. Especially in the more prosperous part of the world where life expectancy has shown an impressive increase, a shifr of emphasis from the attention of quantity of life towards the quality of health, i.e., to health status can be noticed.

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Dutch Cancer Society (Nederlandsc Kankerbesrrjjding - Koningin Vilhelmina Fonds), Jahan Vermeij Foundation (Johan Vermeij Stichting), Theta Research
J.D.F. Habbema (Dik)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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