The studies described in this thesis concentrate OIl epidemiological and pathogenetic aspects of postpartum thyroid dysfunction (PPTD) and related topics, and on epidemiological and treatment aspects of thyroid cancer. The studies were petfonned in the southeastern part of the Netherlands and included prospective studies in a representative cohort of women followed dming pregnancy and in the first postpartum year, and retrospective studies on thyroid cancer based on data derived from the population-based Eindhoven Cancer Registry. In the first chapter a general introduction is given 011 the epidemiology of thyroid diseases in the Netherlands (Chapter 1.1), followed by a discussion on clinical aspects of PPTD and thyroid cancer (Chapters 1.2 and 1,3), Thereafter the specific aims of the present studies are formulated (Chapter 1.4). Infonnation about the epidemiology of thyroid diseases in the Netherlands is scarce and fragmented. Data have been obtained from different sources, such as from reports of screening programmes, general practice registration projects. hospital based registries or popUlation based registries (e.g. the Dutch Cancer Registry). To be able to put our data in perspective, an introduction to some epidemiological data concerning the most relevant thyroid disorders is presented in short.

Dutch Prevention Fund, Dr. de Groot Foundation, Amsterdam Thyroid Club, Municipal Health Service Southeast-Brabant, Comprehensive Cancer Centre South (lKZ), Eindhoven
H.A. Drexhage (Hemmo) , W.M. Wiersinga (Wilmar)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Kuijpens, H. (1998, October 21). Epidemiological studies on postpartum thyroid dysfunction and thyroid cancer in Southeastern Netherlands. Retrieved from