When a peripheral nerve is reconstructed after it has been damaged. it is important to assess, in an early stage, whether the nerve is regenerating across the lesion. However, at present for this purpose an adequate method is not available. In this study short term changes in the proximal and distal segment of a transected and reconstructed peripheral nerve are evaluated using a new quantitative magnetic recording technique. For a general understanding, the anatomy and neurophysiology of peripheral nerves will be discussed in this introduction, followed by an overview of clinical aspects of peripheral nerve reconstruction and regeneration, and of the techniques used for evaluation of nerve regeneration.

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V.V.A.A., EmdaMed, Mediprof, Stapler B.v., Carl Zeiss BV., NVPRC, Esser stichting
S.E.R. Hovius (Steven)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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