The Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) is centrally positioned within the Dutch research-policy nexus. In particular, it has developed a tradition of involvement in the field of immigrant integration. This paper analyses the role of the WRR as a 'boundary organisation' in the development of both immigrant integration research and policy in the Netherlands. It shows that the WRR not only plays a role in the diffusion of scientific knowledge to policy, but also in negotiating the boundaries and the division of labour between research and policy. It operates on the research-policy nexus, but also contributes to the shaping of this nexus. Studying the 'boundary work' of the WRR therefore allows us to develop a better understanding of how and why the relationship between immigrant integration research and policy in the Netherlands has evolved from a symbiotic relationship in the 1970s and 1980s to a more antithetical relationship in recent decades.

Benelux, Eurasia, Europe, European immigrant, Netherlands, Western Europe, geographical knowledge, labor division, policy implementation, research institution,
Science and Public Policy
Department of Public Administration

Scholten, P.W.A. (2009). The coproduction of immigrant integration policy and research in the Netherlands: The case of the Scientific Council for Government Policy. Science and Public Policy, 36(7), 561–573. doi:10.3152/030234209X469972