The aim of this thesis is to contribute to the evaluation of active surveillance as an option for selected men with adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Active surveillance (AS) entails an active observation policy for men with presumably curable prostate cancer (PCa) at diagnosis. The concept of AS is to avoid unnecessary treatment, with its inherent side effects and costs, while preserving the window of cure with active surveillance, in these males with PCa. Though it sounds and even feels contradictory to delay treatment in a PCa patient, the rationale of AS can be explained by several convincing arguments.

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Keywords active surveillance, prostate cancer, screening
Promotor C.H. Bangma (Chris) , F.H. Schröder (Fritz)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor EU, Dutch Cancer Society
ISBN 978-90-8559-595-3
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de Vries, S.H. (2009, December 2). Active Surveillance and Prostate Cancer Screening. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from