Many organisations, both public and private, have established framework agreements with selected suppliers to benefit from purchasing synergies. Compliance to such contracts throughout the organisation is crucial to achieve the expected benefits. Yet, in most organisations, the purchasing of goods and services is carried out not just by the purchasing department, but by many individuals dispersed throughout the organisation. Such a situation of scattered responsibilities can easily set the scene for different types of non-compliant behaviours in terms of an organisation's purchasing policies. Very little research has been conducted on non-compliant purchasing behaviour, also known as "maverick buying". In this article, we use a systematic literature review to identify different forms of maverick buying, ranging from unintentional maverick buying to straightforward sabotage. We validate these different forms of maverick buying and enrich our understanding of underlying reasons through a series of in-depth interviews with purchasing professionals. We bring forms and reasons together in a conceptual framework and propose avenues for future research.

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Journal of Business Ethics
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Karjalainen, K., Kemppainen, K., & van Raaij, E. (2009). Non-compliant work behaviour in purchasing: An exploration of reasons behind maverick buying. Journal of Business Ethics, 85(2), 245–261. doi:10.1007/s10551-008-9768-2