A Marketing Management Support Systems can be defined as any device combining (i) information technology, (ii) marketing data and/ or knowledge, and (iii) analytical capabilities, made available to one or more marketing decision-makers with the objective to improve the quality of marketing decision-making. In this paper we present a categorization scheme for marketing management support systems. Three types of MMSS, developed so far, can be identified: marketing information systems, marketing decision support systems and marketing knowledge-based systems. Each of these systems emphasize different components. Next, we focus on the factors affecting adoption of and satisfaction with MMSS. The outcomes are presented of a large scale study carried out in the Netherlands among 525 companies. In the third part of the paper we answer the question whether MMSS improve the effectiveness of marketing decision-makers and, if so, under which conditions. For this purpose we present the results of an experimental laboratory study in which XOreal life marketing managers and 160 marketing students participated. We conclude the paper with a discussion of the perspectives for Marketing Management Support Systems.

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