Concern for occupational health and safety has a long tradition in Westem countries. In these countries, well-established disciplines are able to recognize and control inherent risks of industrial processes. The occupational health care system is well-developed and occupational health services play an important role in safeguarding workers' health. There is an abundant body of scientific literature on almost evelY aspect of occupational health in affluent nations. In stark contrast, there is very little information available on work-related health hazards in occupations in low-income countries, while the largest part of the worldwide workforce is to be found in these low-income countries. Moreover, anecdotal evidence suggests that working conditions in developing countries may substantially differ from those in affluent nations, usually for the worse. Infonnation on the distribution of health hazards and the prevalence of work-related diseases in low-income countries is extremely scarce or even absent for many areas. In low-income countries, enforcement of labor laws is almost nonexistent, occupational health services are not available and resources for identifYing and cvaluating working conditions and consequent health effects are severely limited. This thesis is about the health and safety of workers inlow-income countries and opportunities to improve their working conditions. The origin of the thesis is the author's personal experiencc in one specific program directed at improving the occupational health and safety in tamleries in Kanpur, India, and his more general experience in international public health.

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Directorate General for Intemational Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands, Erasmus University Fund, Rotterdam, Professor Oomen Foundation, (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), ZAO zorgverzekeringen, social health insurers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, The Hague
P.J. van der Maas (Paul)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Öry, F. G. (1997, June 25). Strategies and methods to promote occupational health in low-income countries : industrial counselling in tanneries in India. Retrieved from