Toledo, K. van, Van wonen tot marketing. Een sociaal-filosofische analyse van het moderne behoefte-georiënteerd handelen/From living to marketing. An analysis of the social philosophical nature of modern want-oriented action, Proefschrift/ Doctoral thesis, Landbouwhogeschool, Wageningen 1985. In modern western society the broadened concept of marketing covers a considerable part of the field of action. An example is the overlap of marketing with the domain of living. Here we find a development of society into a system, appearing as a multi-coloured totality of relations between organizations and consumers. From this point of view I have tried to reconstruct the social philosophical foundations of modern marketing by means of concepts derived from Jürgen Habermas's theory of human action, in particular the concept of reproduction of personal identity. This has lead to the thesis, that any model of a marketing-oriented society, in its broadest sense, has a relatively weak capacity as regards problem-solving, when compared with the model of a society, in which the marketing-function is bounded to the economic sub-system and controlled through a 'public domain'.

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H. van Leeuwen , B. Wierenga (Berend)
Erasmus University Rotterdam , Wageningen Agricultural University
Dissertations (UL)
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van Toledo, K. (1985, September 10). Van wonen tot marketing : een sociaal-filosofische analyse van het moderne behoefte-georiënteerd handelen. Dissertations (UL). Retrieved from