The paper puts the collapse of the world trade volume in 2009 into two historic perspectives. First, the paper analyses 18 major post-1980 / pre-2007 financial crises and uses these observations as a basis to critically evaluate presently available projections for world trade. Second, the paper takes into account the developments in the world's trade volume and openness since 1880. Next to the direct impact of the present financial crisis on trade, potential second order effects on economic growth and international political relations are identified.

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Keywords depression, financial crisis, import crunch, trade and conflict, world trade
JEL Global Outlook (jel F01), Trade: General (jel F10), Financial Crises (jel G01)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Series ISS Working Papers - General Series
Journal ISS Working Paper Series / General Series
van Bergeijk, P.A.G. (2009). Some economic historic perspectives on the 2009 world trade collapse (No. 476). ISS Working Paper Series / General Series (Vol. 476, pp. 1–17). Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from