In this study we contrast forestry reforms and their stated objectives against the state of the forestry sector in Bolivia, Honduras and Nicaragua. Once we look at the policy failures that underlie the gap between policy objectives and the state of forestry, we find that stated policies are not implemented and their design is marked by intrinsic flaws. We conclude that there is a reform failure matched by a failure to reform. The Poverty Reduction Strategies of the three countries followed -- and possibly reinforced -- existing policy trends but they were unable to solve implementation problems and lack of coherence that mark the policies of the sector.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam
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ISS Working Paper Series / General Series
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Pellegrini, L. (2009). Forest management in Bolivia, Honduras and Nicaragua : reform failures?. ISS Working Paper Series / General Series (Vol. 474, pp. 1–27). Retrieved from