Changes in the Dutch non-profit regime necessitate the direct participation of citizens and businesses in non-profit organisations. Dutch society must re-invent the commitment of citizens, businesses, foundations, universities and various other organisations by increasing both ‘community capacity’ and ‘management capacity’. ‘Community capacity’ and ‘management capacity’ are important building blocks in the arena of involvement. The resilient society: On volunteering, civil society and corporate community involvement in transition is an exploration of the arena of involvement with regard to research agendas: 1) corporate community involvement as a component of community capacity and 2) non-profit management as a component of ‘management capacity’. Community capacity represents the possibility of a society to make a contribution that must become more private and ‘voluntary’. The address outlines various means to this end, including corporate community involvement on the part of businesses, ‘service learning’ as an instructional tool in universities and the integration of ‘social internships’ as a component of the general high school curriculum. Management capacity represents the possibility of (non-profit) organisations to work with new forms of community capacity, for example by improving accountability and volunteer management. The address concludes by using the metaphor of a slot machine to present a new conceptualisation of volunteer management that can also be applied to other relations between non-profit organisations, civil society and corporations.

Corporate social responsibility, capacity building, civil society, community involvement, corporate community involvement, non-profit management, non-profit organisations, service learning, volunteering
Multinational Firms; International Business (jel F23), Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise: Other (jel L39), Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting (jel M), Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility (jel M14)
ERIM Inaugural Address Series Research in Management
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Meijs, L.C.P.M. (2004, September 17). The Resilient Society: On volunteering, civil society and corporate community involvement in transition. ERIM Inaugural Address Series Research in Management. Retrieved from