Psoriasis is universal in occurrence, although the worldwide prevalence varies between 0.6% and 4.8%.The prevalence of psoriasis in people of Caucasian descend is approximately 2%. In the Netherlands it is therefore estimated that approximately 300,000 people are diagnosed as having psoriasis. Its prevalence is equal in men and women and can first appear at any age, from infancy to elderly, although the mean age of development has suggested to be around 30 years old. Some studies suggest the presence of two forms of psoriasis related to the age at onset. Early onset psoriasis, which comprises approximately 75% of the psoriasis population, presents itself before the age of 40 mostly with a positive family history and with more severe disease. While late onset psoriasis presents itself after the age of 40 and may have a less severe clinical course. However, other studies were not able to confirm the presence of more severe psoriasis in those subjects with an early age of onset. The extent of body surface area affected by psoriasis is variable, but in most people the severity of their psoriasis is reasonably stable over time. Based on a patient survey the prevalence of moderate to severe psoriasis (i.e. more than 3% of the body surface area affected) was recently estimated to be approximately 17%.

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H.A.M. Neumann (Martino)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
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