This paper endogenizes technology and human capital formation in the MESEM model that was developed by van Sinderen (Economic Modelling, 1993, 13, 285-300). Tax allowances for private R&D expenditures and public expenditures on both education and R& D are effective instruments to stimulate economic growth. Simulations with respect to market clearing, the importance of supply-side elements and key parameters (such as the magnitude of spillovers and substitution elasticities) reveal that tax allowances for private R & D are the most robust instrument to increase economic growth through the accumulation of knowledge. Contrary to other studies that find that technology policies typically reduce employment, we find that overall employment rises.

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Economic Modelling
Erasmus School of Economics

van Bergeijk, P., van Hagen, G. H. A., de Mooij, R., & van Sinderen, J. (1997). Endogenizing technological progress: The MESEMET model. Economic Modelling, 341–367. Retrieved from