‘Crosscultural Life of Social Values’, a conference organized by the Rotterdam School of Management, Department of Organization Studies and Human Resource Management (Erasmus University, May 18—19, 2007) and International Association for Crosscultural Competence and Management (IACCM) signaled major challenges to the dominant theories of national and organizational cultures. Growing criticism of quasi-paradigmatic model of national culture (the Hofstedian canon) manifested increasing awareness of the need for a sustainable, ‘culturally attentive’ perspective on cross-cultural comparative studies. Latest AoM publications confirm post-paradigmatic shifts in theories of national and organizational cultures and in professionalization of cross-cultural competence.

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Magala, S. (2009). Crosscultural Life of Social Values and Organizational Analysis: An Introduction to the Special Themed Section. Organization Studies, 30(9), 925–931. doi:10.1177/0170840609338982