Magnetic navigation is the use of a magnetic fi eld to re-orientate a magnetically-enabled wire or device. The fi eld is directed by external magnets that are moved by a computercontrolled system. This technology could improve percutaneous coronary interventional procedures as it improves 3 specifi c and complementary capabilities, namely precise tip adjustability, computer-enhanced, image-guided tip orientation, and computer–enhanced image processing. Although this technology is relatively new, it already appears that this system can equal, and even improve on, current conventional wire technique. The current usability, combined with the exciting potential of future developments, could result in a formidable adjunct to PCI. This thesis deals with the early use of the system, development of diff erent strategies for the exploitation of the unique novel features that the system has. Specifi cally it will describe a number of areas. 1. Background, history and system description: The aim of this introduction is to provide a brief description of the background of magnetic procedures with respect to Stereotaxis Inc, and a description of the magnetic moment, and a short description of the current system together with the specially-produced wires. 2. Feasibility in phantom models, and initial system development: This section deals with aspects related to feasibility of use, validation of the software, and initial experience in diff erent clinical situations and fi nally with the potential use in treating one of the sequelae of coronary disease i.e. poor left ventricular function by the possible delivery of cardiac stem cells. 3. Initial experience in clinical practice and illustrative case reports: This section deals with the clinical use in percutaneous coronary intervention concentrating on the initial patient studies. 4. Investigation of benefi ts in subgroups: This section concentrates on particular subsets of coronary intervention patients and the specifi c hypotheses that can be drawn from these.

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P.W.J.C. Serruys (Patrick)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

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