The purpose of this thesis is to show how general practice can be a source of information for epidemiological and health policy questions, especially those relating to socio-economic health differences. Such use of general practice based information differs in several respects from use of information for individual patient care. High requirements regarding uniformity in registration procedures, availability of background information and compatibility of datasystems apply and analysis and interpretation generally demands much effort and expertise. In this thesis, we have examined the methods of data collection in general practice, the quality of the information, how the information has been used and the available information relating to socio-economic and area-based differences. Four specific themes will be explored.

general practice, general practitioners, health information, socio-economic health differences
P.J. van der Maas (Paul) , J. van der Zee (Jill)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

van der Velden, J. (1999, November 3). General practice at work : its contribution to epidemiology and health policy. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from