Growth and development are nmdamental processes and understanding of the mechanisms resulting in abnonnal growth and development fonn the core of pediatrics and pediatric surgery. ivIany acute problems in the perinatal period mise from premahlrity and congenital anomalies. AWlOugh mOltality is steadily decreasing due to progress in h'cahnent modalities and prenatal diagnosis, remaining life-long morbidity is increasingly impOltanL hI many of these children such as premahu'e newboms witll respiratOlY dish'ess syndrome (ROS), abnOlmal pulmonary development in case of congenital diapluagmatic hemia (CDR) or oligohydrarmuos associated with prolonged mphlre of membrarles arId renal anomalies (the so called Potter sequence) the lungs are the tar'get orgarl for treatment.

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Keywords developing lung, diaphragmatic hernia
Promotor D. Tibboel (Dick)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Okazaki, T. (1999, November 25). Clinical and Molecular Aspects of Stress on the Developing Lungs. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from