This is an editorial introduction to the theme of the Erasmus Law Review Vol. 2 No.1. Focusing on different relevant topics linked to the rule of law in the European Union, the contributions highlight both the ambiguity and broad scope of this notion, as well as its exceptional place in the European legal order; the application of the rule of law concept to a new, supranational legal order arguably being a contributing factor in this regard. The editorial introduction places the different contributions in perspective.

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Keywords European law, competition law, legal theory, mergers, quality of legislation, rule of law
JEL Law and Economics: General (jel K00), Basic Areas of Law: General (jel K10), Regulation and Business Law: General (jel K20), Other Substantive Areas of Law: General (jel K30), Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior: General (jel K40)
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Series Erasmus Law Review
Journal Erasmus Law Review
Amtenbrink, F. (2009). Introduction: Observing the Rule of Law in the European Union-Selected Issues. Erasmus Law Review, 2(1), 1–4. Retrieved from