Background: We reviewed the radiologic features of 15 patients with orbital metastases originating from breast cancer. Methods: This was a retrospective consecutive case series. Fifteen consecutive patients with orbital metastases originating from breast carcinoma were identified between March 1997 and September 2008. A retrospective chart review was carried out, and the radiologic findings were reviewed. Results: The metastases were preseptal in 53%, intraconal in 60%, and both intraconal and extraconal in 33%. Lacrimal gland enlargement was noted in 33%, episcleral space involvement in 33%, bone involvement in 13%, and globe dystopia in 53%. The extraocular muscles were involved in 87%; in 60%, two or more muscles were involved. The medial and lateral rectus muscles were affected in 53% and 47%, respectively, and the inferior and superior rectus muscles in 33%. In 47% one or more radiologic features had not been noted by the radiologist, and in 20% the findings were misinterpreted as an"orbital pseudotumor."Conclusion: Orbital metastases originating from breast cancer may present heterogeneously. Orbital imaging most commonly shows unilateral and multifocal involvement of multiple extraocular muscles and intraconal and preseptal areas by an irregular lesion.

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Keywords Breast, Cancer, Imaging, Metastasis, Orbit
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Journal Der Ophthalmologe
Akdâg, F, Hafezi, F, Heule-Dieleman, H.A.G, van den Bosch, W.A, Luyten, G.P.M, Tanghe, H.L.J, & Paridaens, A.D.A. (2010). Orbital metastases of breast cancer: Radiologic features. Der Ophthalmologe, 107(8), 728–732. doi:10.1007/s00347-009-2122-y