This study examined how employees perceive intended strategic goals and HRM at the ward level, and if these perceptions generate the desired effects. The qualitative part of the research reveals that the hospital pursues two strategic goals (i.e. quality and safety). Analysis of the questionnaire data (N = 576 respondents; 59 wards) shows that both climate dimensions could be distinguished. Results showed that the perceived HR system does have a significant influence on both climate dimensions, suggesting that the overall message of the HR system is important for creating strategic climates. Furthermore, the climate for quality partially mediated the relationship between the perceived HR system and commitment.

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Journal Human Resource Management Journal
Veld, M.F.A, Paauwe, J, & Boselie, J.P.P.E.F. (2010). HRM and strategic climates in hospitals: Does the message come across at the ward level?. Human Resource Management Journal, 20(4), 339–356. doi:10.1111/j.1748-8583.2010.00139.x