Recently, hand problems in musicians have been recognised as systematic events. Numerous papers and statistics have been published (see Chapter IV); even, a journal exclusively devoted to such and similar problems in performing artists exists!. The present thesis defends the hypothesis that many hand complaints, such as focal dystonia, are caused by non-pathological anatomical variations in the hand. It is good habit to introduce such thesis by profiling it against the historic and current state of affairs. Instead, however, I would like to present an account of the events which led to this thesis, which is, to a degree, an autobiography.

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J.C.H.M. van der Meulen (Jacques) , C.J. Snijders (Chris)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Leijnse, J.N.A.L. (1995, December 6). Finger exercises with anatomical constraints : a methodological analysis of non-pathological anatomical variations as causes of hand problems in musicians. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from