Herein, we present an overviw of the elicitation and use of expert opinion in developing optimal maintenance policies. The procedure developed is based on restrictions found in practice. That is, where the "expert" has little statistical training and the elicitation process must be performed in a clear and quick manner. Due to these restrictions, a histogram is elicited form the expert and feedback and analysis is based on combining the elicited histogram with a fitted right tail to form a continuous distribution. Expressions for the pdf, failure rate, percentile life, and mean life are developed and used to calculate the optimal maintenance interval for given cost data

Erasmus School of Economics

Mazucchi, T. A., Cooke, R., Dekker, R., van Dorp, J. R., & van Noortwijk, J. (1992). The Elicitation and use of expert judgment for Maintenance Optimization. Retrieved from