This paper examines whether in rural Morocco, local governments and community-based organizations have the capacity and incentives to engage in developmentally valuable partnerships. These partnerships could take the form of co-production arrangements or more political co-governance mechanisms. The fiscal, administrative and political dimensions of local government autonomy and capacity are discussed. The evidence on community-based organizations indicates that a high proportion of them lack the capacities and incentives to engage in partnerships with local governments. This is mainly due to their instrumentalization for clientelist and electioneering purposes by actors in “political society”, i.e. local councilors, party members, and civil servants.

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Keywords Morocco, community-based organization, local governance, local government
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Series ISS Staff Group 2: States, Societies and World Development
Journal International Journal of Public Administration
Bergh, S.I. (2010). Assessing the Scope for Partnerships Between Local Governments and Community-Based Organizations: Findings from Rural Morocco. International Journal of Public Administration, 33(12), 740–751. doi:10.1080/01900692.2010.513358