Abstract: China's apparent escape from the external constraints of peripheral late industrialization in the build up to the global economic crisis of 2007-2009 has been recent and remains tenuous. Before its spectacular trade surpluses of the 2000s, China's external accounts reflected many of these constraints. Even in the midst of the surplus surge, external vulnerabilities of a peripheral nature have persisted. Besides the issue of export dependence,which is the conventional focus of most crisis-related studies on China, vulnerabilities have been more profoundly related to the dominance of foreign ownership in China's export sector and to the relatively subordinate position of this export sector within the massive rerouting of international production networks via China that followed the East Asian crisis, in large part led by Northern transnational corporations.

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Keywords China, balance of payments, global imbalances, international production networks, late industrialization, structuralism, transnational corporations
Persistent URL hdl.handle.net/1765/22348
Series ISS Staff Group 4: Rural Development, Environment and Population
Fischer, A.M. (2010). 中国正在拉美化吗?在全球失衡浪潮中, 中国在实力与依附性之间的平衡行为 - Zhongguo zhengzai lameihua ma? zai quanqiu shiheng langchaozhong, zhongguo zai shili yu yifuxing zhijian de pingheng xingwei. ISS Staff Group 4: Rural Development, Environment and Population. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/22348