The rationale to study a potential adverse reaction of a specific drug mainly depends on three questions: 1) how serious is the adverse reaction? 2) what is the incidence of the adverse reaction among users of the dlUg?, and 3) what is the frequency of consumption of the specific dlUg in the population? Especially dlUgs which are frequently prescribed and used, also rare serious adverse reactions may be important, such as thromboembolism in users of oral contraceptives. The present thesis sunmlarizes our studies of a potential serious adverse reaction of sumatriptan, which turned out to be relatively frequent among users. This new drug, used in the treatment of acute attacks of migraine, appears to have more actions outside the head than was initially thought.

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Netherlands heart Foundation, Rotterdam Medical Research Foundation (ROMERES)
D.E. Grobbee (Diederick)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Ottervanger, J. P. (1996, March 13). Pharmaco-epidemiology of Sumatriptan : cardiovascular adverse reactions to a new antimigrainous drug. Retrieved from