This paper describes and analyses how discourses of conservation and development as well as migrant labour practices can be understood as transnational dynamics that both cement and complicate transnational relations. It also looks into how these dynamics articulate with, shape and are being shaped by ‘the local’. Focusing on the north-eastern boundary of Lesotho in the area of the ‘Maloti-Drakensberg transfrontier conservation and development project’, we show how conflictual situations put the ethnographic spotlight on the ways in which ‘local people’ in Lesotho deal with dual forces of localisation and transnationalisation. We argue that they accommodate, even appropriate, these dual pressures by adopting an increasingly flexible stance in terms of identity, alliances, livelihood options and discourses.

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ISS Staff Group 4: Rural Development, Environment and Population
Human Ecology (New York): an interdisciplinary journal
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Wittmayer, J.M, & Büscher, B.E. (2011). Conserving conflict? Transfrontier conservation, development discourses and conflict between South Africa and Lesotho. Human Ecology (New York): an interdisciplinary journal, 38(6), 763–773. doi:10.1007/s10745-010-9360-0