This volume is the sixth of a 12-volume series on Globalisation, Comparative Education and Policy Research by Springer and under the editorship of Joseph Zajda (Australian Catholic University, Melbourne Campus). As the title indicates, Book Reviews 507 123 this particular instalment focuses on nation-building, identity and citizenship education and has three editors, J. Zajda, H. Daun and L. Saha, though the contribution of the second two editors is not evident as the volume’s introduction and Chap. 1 are single-authored by Zajda and there are no chapters by the other editors. For an edited volume to succeed and reach a wide audience, it needs a strong introduction that lays out the conceptual framework and explains how the chapters will address a clearly articulated set of questions. ...

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Series ISS Staff Group 4: Rural Development, Environment and Population
Journal International Review of Education
Herrera, L.A. (2010). Book Review: Nation-Building, Identity and Citizenship Education. Cross Cultural Perspectives edited by Joseph Zajda, Holger Daun, and Lawrence J. Saha. International Review of Education, 56(4), 507–509. doi:10.1007/s11159-010-9173-9