This article explores the relationships between post-Keynesian economics and feminist economics. It distinguishes three key concepts in each tradition that recommend serious attention in the other tradition: gender, the household and unpaid work and caring as key concepts in feminist economics; uncertainty, market power and endogenous dynamics as core concepts in post-Keynesian economics. This article will show, with reference to the literature in which such cross-fertilisation has been explored already, how both traditions can be enriched from a stronger mutual engagement.

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Keywords Feminist economics, Gender, Post-keynesian economics
JEL Socialist; Marxian; Sraffian (jel B51), Feminist Economics (jel B54)
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Series ISS Staff Group 3: Human Resources and Local Development
Journal Cambridge Journal of Economics
Note Includes Accepted Author Manuscript
van Staveren, I.P. (2010). Post Keynesianism Meets Feminist Economics. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 34(6), 1123–1144. doi:10.1093/cje/ben033