A new smoothing approach based on entropic perturbation is proposed for solving mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints. Some of the desirable properties of the smoothing function are shown. The viability of the proposed approach is supported by a computationalstudy on a set of well-known test problems.

entropic regularization, mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, smoothing approach
Optimization Techniques; Programming Models; Dynamic Analysis (jel C61), Existence and Stability Conditions of Equilibrium (jel C62), Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting (jel M), Production Management (jel M11), Transportation Systems (jel R4)
Erasmus Research Institute of Management
ERIM Report Series Research in Management
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Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Birbil, S.I, Fang, S-C, & Han, J. (2002). Entropic Regularization Approach for Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints (No. ERS-2002-71-LIS). ERIM Report Series Research in Management. Erasmus Research Institute of Management. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/224