This thesis comprises studies of gas transfer in the lungs during mechanical ventilation, which have been obtained in healthy pigs. The objectives of this thesis were: I) to adapt the breath-holding teclmique, as used during spontaneous breathing for estimation of gas transfer, to conditions of mechanical ventilation; and 2) to evaluate the effect of changes in lung volume on pulmonary gas transfer and capillary blood volume.

alveolar volume, capillary blood volume, diffusing capacity, mechanical ventilation, pigs, thorax
A. Versprille (Adrian)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
NWO, Trustfonds Erasmus University Rotterdam, Radiometer Nederland BV, Hoek Loos (Schiedam), Jaeger Nederland B.V. (Breda)
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

te Nijenhuis, F.C.A.M. (1996, September 18). Carbon monoxide transfer in pig lungs during mechanical ventilation. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from