Failure of antimicrobial treatment is observed frequently in hospitalized patients resulting in morbidity and mortality, A possible way to improve antimicrobial treatment is the targeted delivery of antimicrobial agents, This thesis describes a study on tihe use of long-Circulating liposomes for the targeted delivery of antimicrobial agents to sites of bacterial infections, In this chapter an introduction is given on the use of targeted drug delivery in infectious diseases, which is followed by the aims and outline of this thesis.

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Keywords bacterial infections, drug targeting, infectious diseases, liposomes
Promotor G. Storm (Gert) , H.A. Verbrugh (Henri)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor NWO, Dr. Ir. van de Laar Stichting, Dr. Saal van Zwanenbergstichting
ISBN 978-90-90-14452-8
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Schiffelers, R.M. (2001, February 7). Liposomal targeting of antimicrobial agents to bacterial infections. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from