Two real-time three-dimensional images of first-trimester pregnancies visualized using virtual reality (VR) are presented. Inherently three-dimensional structures, like the umbilical cord and limbs, can be efficiently and accurately measured using VR.

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Keywords Virtual reality, amnion, biometry, depth perception, early pregnancy, embryonic structures, first trimester, first trimester pregnancy, limb, measurement, priority journal, short survey, three dimensional imaging, three-dimensional ultrasound, umbilical cord, virtual reality, volumetry, yolk sac
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Journal Fertility and Sterility
Rousian, M, Koning, A.H.J, van der Spek, P.J, Steegers, E.A.P, & Exalto, N. (2011). Virtual reality for embryonic measurements requiring depth perception. Fertility and Sterility, 95(2), 773–774. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2010.12.032