The prevalence of childhood asthma and atopic disease have increased dramatically during the end of the last century, especially in Western countries.1 Presently, asthma is the most frequent chronic disorder in childhood, with a high burden in terms of morbidity, health care costs, absenteeism from school, and reduced quality of life, despite the availability of effective and safe treatment.2 Two major challenges in the fi eld of childhood asthma, have still been insuffi ciently addressed. In this thesis we focused on both these issues.

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Keywords asthma, children, respiratory problems, wheezing
Promotor H.A. Smit (Henriƫtte) , J.C. de Jongste (Johan)
Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
Sponsor Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development,NWO,Netherlands Asthma Fund,Dutch Government,
ISBN 978-90-8559-133-7
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Caudri, D. (2010, December 3). Asthma and Wheezing in Childhood: perinatal risk factors and early detection. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from