Background The CDC initiative started from a conviction that the mix and nature of today’s global problems requires a wider range of solutions than those coming from government and market. A missing story is one of people themselves acting as citizens to change the society they live in, not as needy beneficiaries, participants, political clients or economic producers and consumers, but as agents of their own future. Finding out what such a story might look like has been the guiding objective for the core group of ten internationally recognized practitioners, analysts and writers. But the CDC story arising from their work is a starting point for a much bigger task. This is to take forward the challenge of promoting a public debate about the role of citizens - from all walks of life and active in civil society organizations and other spheres - to explore ways in which international cooperation can embrace a different approach to development.

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Publisher Erasmus University Rotterdam
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Series ISS Staff Group 0
Note ISS-CDC Policy Brief #1, October 2008
Fowler, A.F, & Biekart, K. (2008). Introducing Civic-Driven Change. In ISS Staff Group 0. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from